There are many words that can be used to define or tell the story of Christmas. I specifically chose 9 words to share with you this week that tell the meaning of Christmas. These words, when added to a sentence, help us to really understand the message of Christmas.

The first word was Angels … I shared the sentence and my thoughts about it in yesterday’s blog entry. Today, I am introducing the next two: 1) Mary and 2) Joseph.

Mary teaches us that God SEES things in us that we do not see for ourselves. Mary was blessed and highly favored with the Lord. What does it mean when God says that you are blessed and highly favored with Him? It means that all things are possible with Him. The angel, Gabriel, told Mary that he was with the Lord and that she had favor with Him. God did through Mary what seemed impossible. Again, the Lord uses angels to deliver the good news. Gabriel said to Mary that with God, all things are possible. When you have the blessing and favor of God on your life, all things are possible with God. God wants us to know that with Him all things are possible.

Joseph teaches us that God’s WAYS are higher than our ways. In the first chapter of Matthew, Joseph’s reaction to Mary’s pregnancy was honorable. Joseph and Mary were betrothed (promised, engaged) to one another, not yet married. Joseph did not want to expose her to public ridicule, so he was going to send her away so that she could keep her reputation. The angel appears to Joseph and tells him not to be afraid that this was the work of the Lord, God. The angel told Joseph to take Mary as his wife, that she was with child, from the Holy Spirit. She would bear a son named, Jesus and he would be the Messiah. When Joseph awoke, he did exactly what the Lord had instructed. Let God Be God. Do what God says!

Be inspired by God. Be inspired that He used Mary, a teenaged virgin, to give birth to Jesus. Be inspired that Joseph was a regular guy. Know that if you are willing to be interrupted, God will take you to places that you have never been. You will see things that you never thought you would see. And what seems impossible, becomes possible!

Excerpt from the series, What Christmas Means to Me.
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