• “Get To” Spirit

    Life is not about an “have-to” attitude. It is about a “get-to To” spirit. When you live on the “have-to” side of life, you miss out on what God has blessed you to “get-to To” Do. When you live with a “get-to To” spirit, you “get-to To” what God has in store for you. If […]

  • 1 Percent Factor

    You don’t do anyone a favor by playing small. Be who you are, who you are purposed to be, and bring your 1% Factor.

  • 1 Percent Factor

    The better you understand your 1%, the better you can develop and deploy your greatness as defined by your values.

  • 1% Factor

    You are deploying your 1% Factor when your Think (how you think)…Be (who you choose to be)… and Do (your attitude, behavior and actions) makes those around you better.

  • Action

    It is easier to act your way into a feeling than to feel your way into an action.

  • Action

    The sooner you take action, the sooner you will never be late again.

  • Action Plan

    Our job is to believe, God’s job is to do the IMPOSSIBLE. But between our believing and God doing the impossible, is our taking ACTION! It is not enough to just believe. When we take action, we are exercising our faith in God and this does three things: our faith pleases God, our faith honors […]

  • Adaptation to Life

    It is not stress that kills us. It is the effective adaptation to stress that allows us to live.

  • Adversity

    No one can use what happens to you like you can. The School of Hard Knocks is Adversity University where anyone can get an A.

  • Adversity

    We allow God to add His SUPER to our natural when we use adversity to help us UP, rather than hold us back.