The reality is that most people procrastinate for reasons other than not liking a particular project. Four of the biggest reasons for procrastination I have observed are:

  • Low passion level
  • Lack of personal excellence
  • Too many other competing projects and lack of leadership to prioritize them
  • Fear of failure—either that the project will not be completed to perfection, or that the project will not be completed to a level of satisfaction.

I want to encourage you to stir up your passion; commit to Thinking, Being, and Doing your best; learn to prioritize work; and confront fears of failure. Discover what motivates you, and then activate your own self-leadership.

The fact is, many people who are consistently late in completing projects do not put adequate focus on themselves. They blame others for everything from lack of cooperation to unreasonable deadlines.

Consider the following questions:

Q: Why do I have so many things in process, with so few projects completed?

A: I am not focused in my work. (In other words, I try to do too many things simultaneously.)

Q: Why can’t I stay focused?

A: Because I allow myself to be interrupted or distracted.

Q: Why do I allow interruptions and distractions?

A: Because I don’t want to disappoint or be rude to people who are interrupting me or distracting me.

Q: Why do I struggle with this?

A: I have never been good at setting personal boundaries, because I don’t want to be rejected.

Learn to set boundaries and you are likely to accomplish things important to you without procrastination.