“The better you understand your 1%, the better you can develop and deploy your greatness as defined by your values.”Leadershipology

Developing your 1%- your God given greatness- takes time, energy, and consistency. This is a process, a journey, that will lead to a destination. There is an inertia to the old, normal-thinking operational mode in your life. This can be overcome by renewing your mind, building alignments, being consistent, and choosing to elevate your thinking about “being the best me.” Your old way of thinking, which led to your old way of doing, will now become a new process in your life, which leads to a different way of being.

On the other hand, there is the potential for frustration when you’re trying to embrace a new process, feeling like you fall short, and the desire to give up and do it the old way shows up with a vengeance. This too can be overcome by renewing your mind daily, choosing to “be the best me” consistently. If you make a mistake or fall short, dust yourself off and start anew.

We all make mistakes. The challenge is to consistently be the best we can be. When a mistake occurs or poor judgment is displayed, apologize, commit to do better next time, and start over. Don’t cover up the mistake. Recognize it, apologize, and move forward with excellence, learning from the mistake to minimize future occurrences.

Be consistent in making changes to becoming the “best you.”