Busyness … at the end of the day you feel spent but wonder what you achieved. The drawing power of busyness obscures what matters most.

Here are three “busyness” ways leaders are commonly drawn away from what matters most.

  1. Focus on Problem Solving.

The deadliest draw leaders face is focusing on solving problems, more than seizing opportunities. Working toward something is more powerful than focusing on something you don’t want.

Some leaders fear they wouldn’t matter if they weren’t solving problems. In reality, you matter most by pressing toward positive objectives.

Solving problems may inflate your ego, but it’s reactive leadership. Yes, ignoring problems is a problem, but focus 80% of your time pursuing pre-defined objectives.

  1. Focus on Urgencies.

The delight in people running to you with urgencies is a weak leader’s way of feeling important. In reality, it’s an indication of failed leadership. Take action on emergencies. Reject the notion that urgencies are priorities.

  1. Failure to reflect and rigorously evaluate your use of time.

Nearly anyone can achieve flash-in-the-pan success. In fact, we all get lucky from time to time. But if we want to sustain success – as an individual or a leader – we need to focus on what matters most day after day and avoid the busyness.

The path to success is found in doing what matters most.

There are many definitions for Success. Success in the truest sense measured by what you value. Identifying your Core Values (your “what matters most”) and then aligning your daily decisions with them, is the ultimate barometer of success.

Successful people focus on daily what unsuccessful people focus on occasionally!

Avoid the traps of busyness. Know what matters most. Live a life that most matters!