What do you see when you slice open a watermelon or an orange? You see seeds … a lot of seeds. Those seeds, when sown, produce fruit. And just like the seeds in a watermelon or an orange, we have inside of us the seeds necessary to produce fruit in our lives! We just have to be willing to sow them and grow them into fruit. Being fruitful starts from the inside-out.

“The fruit of what you produce in your life is the result of daily seeds that you sow. Those seeds are called Decisions. Sow good Decisions today!” –Leadershipology.com

Having intimate relationships – fruitful relationships – happens inside of us before it happens outside of us. Intimacy is possible when the best version of you (your ability to be fruitful) connects with the best version of another (their ability to be fruitful). Only time can reveal whether the best of you (good fruit you bear) connects with a person more than the worst of you (the bad fruit you bear or unfruitful parts of you).

We are fruitful when the glory of God is seen in our lives based on the seeds that we sow. I believe that there are 3 seeds we must sow to GROW fruitful.

  1. To grow the fruit of LOVE, you must sow the seed of DISCIPLINE.
  1. To grow the fruit of JOY, you must sow the seed of GRATITUDE.
  1. To grow in the fruit of PEACE, you must sow the seed of TRUST.

Everything that is growing in your life RIGHT now, is the result of seeds you have planted. What are you seeding RIGHT now for the future you want?

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