The study of generosity is not anything new, as research has been conducted on it for decades.  The studies consistently show that generosity can improve our mental and physical health and promote longevity.

Being generous has even greater benefits when we directly experience the impact it has on others.

Doing good for others decreases anxiety, reduces depression, relieves stress, and enhances well-being. One possible explanation for these health benefits is that generosity triggers the release of oxytocin, a brain chemical that helps to decrease inflammation, improve wound healing, and decrease blood pressure, among others things. In fact, oxytocin has been described as the most amazing molecule in the world.

Practice generosity by giving yourself away

Generosity is fully expressed when you give your best. That is what God did when He gave His only Son Jesus. It is never about possessing a certain personality, characteristic, or having more than others. Rather, it’s about giving the best you have, out of a heart of love!

Being generous makes being “The Best You” possible!