Winning at Life requires that you be an Energy Producer rather than an Energy Demander.

  • Energy Producers add value wherever they go.
  • Energy Demanders require that they be valued wherever they go.

Becoming an Energy Producer requires you to use the best part of you, which is your 1% Factor. (Your unique fingerprint that no one else has, to leave a unique imprint that no one else can leave.)

Winning at Life doesn’t just happen. The choice to win is what puts a demand on you to be an Energy Producer as a part of your 1% Factor. Winning and losing are determined by Discovering, Developing, and Deploying your 1%.

I love the story in the Bible about the five loaves and the two fish.

One day Jesus was teaching a group of people that numbered over five thousand. He had been with them all day, and as the day was coming to an end, Jesus said to His disciples, “We can’t send these people home yet. They need something to eat. What do we have to feed them?”

Well, the disciples were very surprised that Jesus would suggest such a thing and said, “There is no way we can feed all these people! Even if we had two hundred denari (which was eight months’ wages, or two hundred “days of work), we could not feed all these people.”

But one of Jesus’s disciples, Andrew, said, “There is a boy here who has five loaves and two fish, but what is that among so many?” Jesus said, “Bring it to me.” So, they brought it to Jesus, and after He blessed it, He miraculously fed more than five thousand people.

There are a lot of great things about this story, but the thing I want you to see is who the Energy Producer was in the crowd: the little unnamed boy! This story is not about the feeding of the five thousand as much as it is about the Energy Producer who contributed what he had so a miracle could take place!

Energy Producers don’t need a miracle because they are the miracle wherever they go!

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