Do you have any obstacles in your life right now that you’re trying to work through?

Winning is the ability to overcome any obstacle that stands between you and your goal – the goal that is required to produce the outcome that you want. The key is in knowing that your goals are your goals.

Whatever you choose to aim for in life establishes a goal. Every goal comes with obstacles. To win, you must identify the obstacles and decide, “To achieve my goal and win, I’ve got to overcome these obstacles.”

Most people want to win. But many don’t understand what it takes to win, simply because they have not been taught to win.

Winning simply does not begin when you lose. In fact, most people lose by default, not by design. Winning begins when you can strategically lose God’s way. When you can strategically lose God’s way, you can strategically win God’s way.
Here are 7 strategies that talk about losing by design in order to win by design.

Lose your mind…Win with the mindset of Christ.

You need to get out of your mind so you don’t go out of your mind. You need to get past your way of thinking. Get the mindset of Christ.

Lose your need for approval…Win by serving.

You’ve got to lose your need for approval. Lose your need for approval. Win by serving. Most people are more concerned about being approved by others than influencing others. The best way to influence other people is to live to serve others.

Lose the argument…Win by agreement.

As you lose the argument and win by agreement and you align your yes with God, He is going to with an exclamation point say to you, “So be it.”

Lose your false pride…Win by true humility.

Humility must be ascribed before honor can be prescribed. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Before destruction, the heart of a man is haughty. Before honor is humility. True humility is you giving up your right to be right. Don’t just people’s humility because you just became more prideful than them

Lose your fear…Win by faith.

Lose your fear. I don’t know what you’re fearful of. Let me tell you why you need to lose your fear. It doesn’t matter what the fear is. God has not given you a spirit of fear. Whatever you are afraid of, given into, and/or haven’t faced, affects every area of your life

Lose selfishness…Win by Giving.

God is looking for people who will be a funnel through which He can give himself. Giving is more than something you do – it’s somebody you are. Givers develop a mentality of prosperity because the more you give the more you receive.

Lose your life…Win by surrender.

When you choose to “lose your life” by surrendering it to Him, God takes your life to He takes your life to a higher level.

It’s time to start strategically losing … so you can start strategically winning!