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LSI is a monthly leadership teaching with Keith Craft and various leaders and special guests. Each month, you will be motivated and equipped to lead more effectively. When you subscribe to LSI, you will be given access to the entire 16 year archive of teaching and coaching.

LSI is $10 a month for digital access,  For $3 more a month, members will also receive a CD in the mail with the month’s latest teaching.


  • Intimacy Makes Everything Better

    What is the one thing that makes everything better? Intimacy. Intimacy…this subject makes people uncomfortable…they...
    February, 02.21.2017 Read More
  • President’s Day

    “Honor is the key principle that makes everything in life work like God intended.”-Leadershipology.com...
    February, 02.20.2017 Read More
  • Efficient and Effective

    “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing right things. When you do the right things,...
    February, 02.17.2017 Read More

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See yourself where you are, for a reason, that you have a role in this season.

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