• JoelOsteen
    "Pastor Keith has a great message. Practical, relevant, something you can take home. I promise you this, you'll be blessed, you'll be challenged, and you'll leave better off than you were before."

    Joel Osteen / Lakewood Church /

  • Anthony
    “Keith brought a fresh perspective on leadership and organizational enablement and delivered it in an entertaining and empowering manner.  He addressed the underlying core characteristics of leadership DNA entwined with a focus on successful relationships that are integral for any successful business environment.  Keith will definitely be part of my executive management arsenal in the future!”

    Anthony Goonetilleke / Regional Vice President - Amdocs /


Speaking, Workshops & Consulting

Over the past 30 years,  Keith has spoken in the worldʼs largest business seminars, Fortune 1000 companies, associations, non-profits, and educational institutions. 

He challenges and motivates others with his real-life stories, energetic humor, and enduring principles that are supported by his authentic, inside-out approach to leadership. His expertise is both deep and wide – including the topics of leadership, attitude, personal growth, teamwork, relationships, and success.

Keith Offers:

  • Keynote Speaking
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God has given you a unique finger print to leave an imprint that no one else can leave. 99 percent of our human DNA is identical, the only attribute differentiating who we are, that which has the potential to make us unstoppable is our 1 percent.

There is a clear, and definitive difference in the thinking of a leader, and the thinking of a “normal person.” The good news is that everyone has the opportunity to think like a leader, because leadership begins with a way of thinking first.

Each person, no matter what their strengths are has an area of weakness that they donʼt see. A blind spot. We are all capable of learning how to recognize and address our blind spots so that we can deal with ourselves, before everyone else has to.

We all live by core values, whether we recognize it or not, we are steering our way through life based on what it is that we value. We need to guide and direct our values the right way; so we can live a life that is better than good. A life that is best.


  • philm
    Keith's spiritual insight as a pastor, his business brilliancy, and athletic accomplishments set him apart and above as a life-changing leader/speaker. Working alongside him as a charter board member with Joel Osteen/Champion Network, I've experienced firsthand the extraordinary leadership that makes him an unstoppable force of favor to everyone he touches.

    Phil Munsey / Pastor - Life Church /

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